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Skip Bin vs. Rubbish Removal Company: Which One Should I Hire?

Say, you want to clear out your garage or dispose of demolished walls before your house gets renovated. The first thing you do is ask the local council if they can help you with it. Some may decline at once, saying that they can only take household wastes. Others may be more agreeable than that, provided that you get all the necessary papers for your trash. The thing is, gathering such documents can take a while, so it may not be the best option.

Then, you hear about companies that offer two other disposal choices: hire skip bins or get rubbish removal services.

Considering you don’t know which one is better for you, try to answer the following questions.

How Spacious Is Your Property?

One of the reasons why you may want to get rid of garbage is to free up space at home or in the office. The trash may be taking up a significant portion of the lot, so you cannot bring new stuff in it. In that case, we must ask: “Will you have more space to spare for a massive skip?”

The smallest skip bin you can find measures two cubic meters, you see. That is equal to eight to ten wheelie bins or two box trailers. If you have your own backyard, then you can go for it. But if you live in an apartment complex, your neighbors or landlord may not be happy to see it parked out front.

The solution to the latter is to hire a rubbish removal company. You can schedule a collection with them, and their specialists will come and pick up everything. Your garbage will go straight to their truck, so you won’t need to save space for bins.

How Many Days Can You Spend On Waste Disposal?

Another thing to think about is the number of days that you can spend on the garbage disposal. Assuming you have a busy schedule or need to vacate the place where all the trash is ASAP, it will be better to get rubbish removal services instead of hiring skip bins. The company’s rubbish experts typically require a day to take away your garbage. If you are close to their facility, they may even be able to come within 24 hours.

In case time is not a problem, you can rent a skip bin for as long as necessary. Despite its size, it is easy to fill with trash because such containers have door flaps. It also has an open top, so you may pile the garbage upward. After that, you may call the company to collect the filled skip bin.

How Many Hands Do You Have On Deck?

Do you know what offices and big families have in common? They are comprised of many individuals who can help collect and pile trash in skip bins. For instance, one group can carry broken monitors, chairs, tables, cables, furniture, and other items out of the building. The other group can organize them in the skip to ensure that everything fits well. If the trash is barely enough for a 12-cubic-meter bin, you need as many pairs of hands as possible to get the job done in less than a week.

Now, achieving the same feat is impossible when only you and another friend are doing all the work. Even if you haul the garbage for eight hours straight daily, it may take over seven days to fill a skip bin of that size. Hence, you will be wise to hire rubbish removal specialists to handle this task for a few people. When you call and describe how much trash you need to dispose of, they can send enough workers and an appropriately sized truck. A disposal project that’s supposed to last for days then turns into a one-day job.

Final Thoughts

You see, there are a few pros and cons regarding hiring skip bins or rubbish removal companies. Getting skip bins is ideal if:

  • You don’t mind doing most of the dirty work.
  • You are not dealing with a time constraint.
  • You have a place for a large bin.

Meanwhile, it is advisable to hire a rubbish removal company if:

  • You cannot take care of trash by yourself.
  • You don’t have free time.
  • You want to get rid of the garbage within a day or two.

Think about these things before deciding on either. Good luck!

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