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5 Questions You Must Ask Before Hiring A Rubbish Removal Company During A Pandemic

Hiring a rubbish removal company to collect your garbage that the councils can’t get used to be an incredibly straightforward process. All you had to do was visit their website and look for their contact information. If there is a form, you fill it up. If a telephone or mobile number is available, you can call it.

Unfortunately, you can’t be too trusting due to the pandemic, especially since you have no idea which homes or offices the specialists have collected trash from. It is better to be suspicious of everyone at this time instead of ending up with coronavirus later.

Below are the five questions you must ask from a rubbish removal company before hiring them during a pandemic.

When Should I Request For Garbage Collection?

Rubbish removal companies are generally helpful if you have hard rubbish to get rid of. Say, you had enough time to go through your belongings in the attic and decided to throw away most of them. Or, your home construction or renovation has begun, and the debris is already turning into a hill.

Any trash that comes from a site, yard, garage, or even the attic is technically hard rubbish, and that requires a plethora of documents before the council takes them off your hands. But when you hire a company, there’s no need for the latter at all. What’s more is that you may arrange for regular collections with them if necessary. Thus, you should request for rubbish removal in such cases.

What Should I Do With The Trash Before The Scheduled Collection?

Companies that offer their services to the entire city can collect your garbage after 24 or 48 hours of getting your request. Sometimes, you only need to wait for less than a day, especially if your place is not far from where the specialists may be.

Before the waste workers arrive, though, you should put on your disposable gloves and try to pile the trash in the backyard or front yard. Either should be fine as long as it is an open space. But considering you cannot carry the broken furniture outside, you may stay at another part of the house while the rubbish removal experts are working. That will allow all of you to keep a social distance from each other.

How Can You Ensure Your Clients’ Safety?

It is one of the common questions that companies get during a pandemic. After all, the coronavirus can get passed around without anyone seeing it happen. If you let rubbish specialists in your property, you need to be sure that they won’t transmit the virus to you and your loved ones.

Once you talk to the company’s representative, you will know that safety is their primary concern if all the workers:

  • Have tested negative for COVID-19
  • Know all the sanitary protocols
  • Wear PPEs, masks, and gloves

Where Will The Hard Rubbish Go?

While the lockdown was still ongoing, you might have been worried about where the waste collectors would take everything. The recycling facilities had to shut down temporarily; even rubbish removal companies had to reduce everyone’s workload to maintain social distancing and cover the costs of keeping the business afloat.

However, even with the pandemic still wreaking havoc globally, the situation has significantly improved in Australia. Many recycling facilities can accept hard rubbish again, and more people ask for rubbish removalists for help. Because of that, you know that your garbage will be disposed of properly.

Is There A Change In Your Flat Rate?

The pandemic has forced plenty of businesses to raise their prices, partly due to lack or massive sales reduction in the past month. Some factories have had to let go of employees, too, while others have gone bankrupt.

Luckily, there always seems to be a high demand for garbage collection, despite the coronavirus scare. It may have honestly increased as people have been free to sort their hard rubbish. So, a company’s flat rate should remain the same as before. If it has gone up, then you should look for other specialists.

Make sure to keep the questions above in mind when you already have the rubbish removal company’s rep on the line. Good luck!

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