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5 Must-Know Things About Rubbish Bins

A rubbish bin is perhaps the last thing that comes to mind when you think of garbage disposal. A lot of people believe that those black plastic bags are enough. They work for household wastes, so they should suffice for other types of trash. Right?

Well, no. You need rubbish bins, especially if you want to dispose of hard rubbish from construction, renovation, or backyard, garage, or office cleanup. They can keep all your trash in one place and prevent dust from caking over the garbage.

The truth is, a rubbish bin is not as cheap as a trash bag. It is not disposable like the latter, so you may have to spend more or less a hundred bucks for each. But before getting one, here are a few things you must know about rubbish bins.

They Come In Different Sizes

The first thing you should know is that rubbish bins do not come in a single size. They have their own version of small, medium, large, and extra-large, too. The bigger the container is, the costlier it can be.

Should you opt for the smallest or largest one? It depends on how much trash you need to get rid of. For instance, considering you just trimmed the trees and grass in your yard, everything may fit in a small bin. However, if a full renovation has taken place, you may need a bigger one for all the hard rubbish you have accumulated.  

Go For Functionality

Once you have picked the color and size, you need to look for a functional trash bin. Meaning, it should be useful in or out of the house so that you won’t have to buy more bins. It is also great to get ones with wheels since carrying a garbage container filled with rubble, broken appliances, and other hefty objects requires a lot of help.

Maintaining Bins Is Essential

No matter how expensive your rubbish bin is, it may never be immune to mold and germs formation. That is especially true if you leave its lid open and then rain goes inside. Closing that cover means that the microorganisms are free to germinate there. You may only notice it when the trash becomes smelly, or the bin walls look moldy even if there’s no food in it.

You can avoid this mess by cleaning the rubbish bins thoroughly. Once the trash specialists have emptied it, please do not wait for weeks before rinsing it. Instead, do it on the same day or as soon as possible so that you won’t need to deal with bacterial growth ever.

Broken Bins Require Immediate Replacement

A metal, wooden, or plastic rubbish container can still break at some point. It typically happens when:

  • One of the wheels fall off;
  • The lid becomes loose;
  • A rodent eats its way through the material; or
  • It is too old.

When you have a broken bin, you should not brush it off and keep on loading your trash in it. Aside from its likelihood to fall apart anytime, the container may attract unwanted attention from pests and bacteria. Getting rid of both can be more expensive than replacing your garbage bin, you know.

Look For Professional Bin Cleaners

As mentioned above, you must clean your rubbish bin after every use. If there is nothing but dust sticking to its walls, it is okay to wash it in the backyard with water and soap. Then, you keep the lid open to air-dry it before putting away. But if the problem is larger than that (e.g., infestation, mold formation, etc.), you should look for professional cleaners at once.

The reason is that these professionals have all the resources to handle such issues. They know what chemicals to apply to ensure that rodents, cockroaches, and other creepy crawlies won’t inhabit the bins. They can also treat molds effectively so that you can continue using the containers longer.

In Conclusion

Even if you have already contacted a reliable rubbish removal company to dispose of your solid waste, owning rubbish bins matters. Piling everything in them before the specialists come will speed up the disposal process and avoid multiple trips to the truck. Nevertheless, once you have the correct bins on hand, you should see them as investments and take care of them well. This way, it will take a while before you need to repurchase new rubbish bins.

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