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3 Factors That Decide The Cost Of Cheap Rubbish Removal

Money is a sensitive subject for everyone, regardless if you live from one paycheck to another or can afford to buy a building in cash. Either way, you do not want to pay for any product or service that will not benefit you in the long run. You may even try to do things by yourself to avoid needing to outsource the job to a professional and shell out some cash for their labor.

Now, let it be known that your frugality is commendable. You refuse to spend on menial tasks; instead, you learn how to do it without someone’s help. Despite that, we can think of a few jobs that require special skills, namely the disposal of hard rubbish.

Why Should I Hire A Rubbish Removal Company?

Assuming you have never hired a cheap rubbish removal company before, it is easy to write it off as a high privilege, a form of indulgence if you will. Some may wonder, “Why should I get their services when the council comes every week?” Others can be blunt enough to claim that hiring one is an absolute waste of money.

What such people fail to see is that the councils do not typically collect hard rubbish. E.g., building rubble, broken appliances and furniture, gym equipment, etc. They are non-domestic waste materials that cannot go with milk cartons, juice jugs, fruit peels, diapers, etc. Getting caught with hard rubbish in your garbage bins may cause the council to penalize you for it. Hence, it is reasonable to have the bulky trash wheeled away by a cheap rubbish removal company rather than insist on mixing it with domestic garbage.

What Factors Decide The Cost Of Rubbish Removal?

The flat rate for some of the most reliable rubbish removal companies in Melbourne is $70. Your final quote, however, depends on several factors, such as:


The primary factor that dictates how much cheap rubbish removal will cost is the volume of trash. The specialists tend to multiply the object’s length, width, and height (in meters) to get its size. Doing so is not too challenging with hard rubbish.

Then, whatever the product is, it becomes multiplied to the company’s flat-rate. That should give you the cost of rubbish removal. Still, there are a couple of other things to add to that.


Another factor to consider is the goods and services tax (GST). It applies even to cheap rubbish removal, given that you are technically buying the company’s services. It adds 10% to the amount that you have initially determined based on the garbage’s volume.

Remember that a sneaky company may not mention the GST to new customers until the very end. They only care about closing the deal; it doesn’t matter if they do it by lying to you. Thus, you should make sure to contact a company that offers this information upfront.


We have decided to add the location here because it is a vital factor in many areas. Practically speaking, the closer you are to the company’s headquarters, the lesser you will need to pay for transportation. They usually have a base fare for that and include it in your quotation when you request a pickup.

However, did you notice how we said ‘usually’? The reason is that not all junk removal companies charge extra, regardless of your location. That is especially true if they mostly service a specific city. In that sense, you may not need to think about additional handling fees at all.

Final Thoughts

Getting help from a cheap rubbish removal company is easily the best way to spend your hard-earned money. For one, you need not compile a list of permits, which is a requirement before the council picks up hard rubbish. You can also call the specialists a day or two before your desired collection date and arrange it with them. If you live anywhere in Melbourne, you may be able to find junk removal specialists who will not charge you based on your location.

Nevertheless, you should only request for assistance from a trustworthy company. You may not know which one it may be at first, but you can always tell by their pricing transparency.

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